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The Complexities of a Go Kart Track

Summary: Go karting has become an international sensation which has caused huge expansions in terms of go kart track design. Finding the right track for you may take some research but there are a multitude of different go kart tracks with safety features and varying lengths and speeds.

Go kart racing has long been one of the premier activities for patrons of all ages to compete in a competitive, exciting environment. Professionally referred to as “karting,” go karts have legitimized beyond simply playful driving to an international phenomenon. This swell in interest has led to huge advancements and proliferation of go kart tracks, worldwide. The increase in interest has enabled the growth of tracks of varying sizes, aesthetics, and professional appeal.

Go kart track length is reliant on many things, not least of which is the speed of the karts that it will accommodate. Short tracks tend to be built in indoor locations or where commercial development is at a spatial disadvantage, like the heavily developed UK. The track’s length is less than 1,500 meters, and the kart’s engines typically are designed for economy and maneuverability rather than speed. Longer tracks are outdoors, over 1,500 meters long, and usually are designed to be shared with other motorsports such as car or bike racing. Karts are frightfully strong for their size, sometimes reaching speeds of 160 mph.

Regards to length is not the only thing that an expertly built go kart track will take into account. Height and elevation discrepancies can be manipulated to the advantage of the track by increasing speed or managing a safe driving environment. This should be set to an aesthetically pleasing backdrop for the driver’s as well as the spectator’s amusement. That is why a quality go kart track is designed and paved by a specialist, and cannot be a simple oval track with a black top surface. Aesthetics are a very important part of track development as most go kart patrons will ride a course more than once each visit, and the business survives on repeat visits. Some go kart businesses have gone so far as designing tracks that are half indoors and half outdoors to make for a more interesting karting experience.

Finally, go karting can only be fun if it is safe. Due to the open nature of a go kart, and the surprising speed that many produce, steps must be taken to ensure the safety of drivers. Depending on the sharpness of turns and speed of the course, it smart to install a roll cage on the karts. Roll cages allow for safety during a catastrophic crash and easily could save a life. Also, on most courses the karts contain a failsafe where their engines can be shutdown remotely via a radio signal controlled by the go kart operator. The tool is less dangerous than you would expect as a go kart’s low center of gravity stabilizes it, and can be implemented to save runaway karts in a dangerous position.

Go karts have become an entertainment staple at fun centers, and amusement parks. It shouldn’t be hard to find a quality go kart track in your area, so shop around for the track that seems the safest, and most geared towards your level of experience and driving style.

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