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The Perfect Summer Birthday Party with Family Fun!

Summary: A summer birthday party is all about choosing the right activities that will entertain your guests while taking full advantage of the beautiful weather. Going to a family fun center will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors without having to worry about many of the obstacles that arise from throwing a birthday party.

Summer is finally upon us, meaning outdoor parties and events abound! The freedom of the great outdoors will mean parties will start to focus on space, weather and nature. When planning a child’s birthday party, there are a few tips every parent should know that will help you throw an original party that takes advantage of the beautiful summer weather.

The key to planning a perfect child’s summer birthday party is inclusion. The parents of your children’s guests may also want to attend as well, thus you will need accessible party options for everyone, while at the same time making sure that the child’s birthday lives up to their personal expectations.

For accessibility and classic summer fun, the barbecue or pool party is the standard. Easily hosted in your backyard or a friend’s house (anywhere that the required pool and grill are available), these parties take full advantage of the beautiful weather and allow everyone involved a sense of freedom of movement. The downside, however, is that as the host you must entertain your guests somehow. Some guests may not want to swim; some of the adults may want to drink more than others, the food many not appeal to everyone, etc. And then there is the issue of cleaning up and supplying the food and beverage which can be as difficult as it can be costly.

The pool party is a little higher maintenance, and is great if all the guests are on the same page. But, if the guests and their parents don’t necessarily know each other well, which often is the case at children’s birthday parties, a different location can be explored. Family fun centers provide the attractions and entertainment necessary to accommodate all guests, of any temperament, while still enjoying the beautiful summer weather.

The guests could practice at the batting cages for the upcoming little league season, they could cool off their hot day with the bumper boats, or even take to the shade for a brief stint in the arcade. Family fun centers provide the activities and accessibility that all of your guests and their parents can participate in, together. As an added convenience food and service are provided as well, making for a low maintenance birthday party.

While taking your child’s birthday party to a family fun center may seem nontraditional for a summer party, it provides the inclusion and accessibility that will make the party memorable for all of its guests. Include a theme to top things off for the birthday boy/girl, and you have a recipe for the perfect children’s birthday party! Call your local family fun center for pricing and group rates.

You can find a family fun center in virtually every city in the US.  Do you live in the Bakersfield, California area? Then check out Camelot Park or visit our website  and take advantage of their online specials & promos.

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