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Lock-Ins Provide a Safe Environment of Family Fun for Young Adults

Summary: Family fun centers provide the enjoyable and chaperoned setting that teenagers of today lack, making them the perfect place to host a birthday party or fundraising lock-in. The following are ways a fun center can help with your lock-in event, and ways that they can insure the safety of everyone involved.

Teenage years are harder for youth today than they were in the past. There are fewer options for activities that are both affordable and safe for young adults than there were in the past. Thus, young adults with nowhere to go and nothing to do are more prone to staying at home and wasting their youth; or worse, falling in with the wrong sort of crowd due to sheer boredom. Parents need to stay abreast of fun, safe environments that can occupy their children during adolescence.

A lock-in event at a family fun center is such an environment. In the carefree, yet controlled environment of a family fun center, young adults are free to mingle, play games, and generally have a safe space to grow and interact on their own. There are one-of-a-kind activities and attractions at family fun centers, and lock-ins provide a safe environment for a teen.

The Event

A lock-in is basically an all night event where teens are invited to spend their time at a family fun center. They may bring sleeping bags and their friends, but no one is permitted to enter or leave the premise without parental consent. Teens have access to all of the rides and attractions that they normally frequent at the center, with shorter lines and waits. The entire event is presided over by the center’s staff of highly trained and capable chaperones.


All of the usual activities that make family fun centers so popular are alive and available during lock-ins. Arcade games are wildly popular in the evenings, as are the batting cages for that nighttime ball park feel. Mini golf is lit up, as is the go kart track; centers are every bit as fun at night as they are during the day. Food and beverage is usually provided for.


Family fun center staffers are highly trained in emergency procedures and first aid. They know how to diligently monitor everything that is occurring at a family fun center, while being backed up by professional security services and monitoring equipment. The supervisors and chaperones at a family fun center lock-in know exactly what is going on in every corner of their park; safety isn’t just offered, it’s guaranteed.

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The benefits of hosting at lock-in through a family fun center are vast. As a fund-raising tool, community event, birthday party, or team building exercise, a lock-in at a fun center is a unique, entertaining, and safe event. Call your local family fun center for more information on how to schedule and ways to plan logistical concerns.

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